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2008 Chevrolet cobalt 2008----OK, Today My check engine light came on, I drove 20 miles. car was running fine. On my commute back the Transmission was Shifting EXTREMELY hard with every shift. The whole car was jerking. I got it close to home pulled into autozone to run an OBD, and got this code. I brought it home and did some research on the code. I called 4 transmission shops and they all said I likely need a new Transmission overhaul for 1500 bucks.

Procedures I then performed.

removed battery cable reset ECM.

Pulled off the two Ground cables to the front of the transmission, wire brushed them checked for chaffing rubbing against the ground lug where the wires were attached to the transmission, no chaffing found. Cleaned grounds with contact cleaner and wire brush

Removed and sprayed contact cleaner on the Cannon plug that goes to the front of the transmission (im assuming this is where all of the ECM inputs outputs come from?)

Removed cold air intake and noticed that it was quite substantially smashed right before the MAF. I fixed that, and sprayed the MAF with intake cleaner.

Removed and sprayed the connector to the MAF with contact cleaner.

--I put it back together and it shifts like a beauty. Like it never had a problem. The only issue was that the Check engine light is still illuminated.

I then Reset the ECM again (by detaching the negatives from the battery) drove the car for about an hour. Shifts Absolutely perfectly, but I cannot get the Check engine light to go out still. Does that fact that its not shifting bad eliminate the possibility of this being a transmission problem.

I am debating whether or not I should drain the fluid and look for silver metal particles in the fluid. or If I can call it a fix? Why is the light still on and it is symptomless now?

Any expert mechanic opinions?
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