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Long story short, I bought the car on March 4, 2009 as a salvage title with 9000 miles on it. I have been messing with modding it ever since.

Debadged Lettering
20% Tint
Black Drums & Calipers
Black 16" Stock Rims (steelies for winter)
Tinted Tails
Black Painted Door/Trunk locks
Removed Black Window Vinyl
5000K HID fogs
Mini H1 5000K Retrofits
Chrome turn signal bulbs
"Stealth" halos (mounted behind shrouds)
Carbon Fiber CU decals
MPx Shorty Antenna

Metalcast Red Interior Trim
GM Rubber Floor Mats
TWM Short Throw Shifter
Red LED courtesy footwell lights
White LED trunk lights
Painted Trunk Struts - Metalcast red

Pioneer avic-u310bt In-dash Nav
Stock Pioneer Speakers

Under the Hood
Hood Strut - Metalcast red
Coolant Overflow Line - Metalcast red
Valve Cover - Metalcast red
2.4 Intake Manifold
2.4 Throttle Body - Metalcast red
Coolant overflow line - Metalcast red
LSJ exhaust manifold
LSJ downpipe
Injen Short Ram Intake w/ hydroshield
Tsudo Catback
TTR Poly Trans Mounts
Trifecta Tuned

Progress Springs

Future Plans
Powell Hardcore Rear Sway Bar
more Dark Metallic Red Accents (calipers??)
Hyperblack Enkei EV5 17" rims
only god knows what else....

anyways.. onto the pics


Interior shot

trunk struts

under the hood

even deeper under the hood lol

MORE PICS TO COME........... thanks for looking

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nice ride
looks good just needs lowered and paint that valve cover lol
not bad.. you need to clean that engine bay sometime lol
Thanks guys! the engine bay hasnt been touched since i owned the car so it could be a hella lot worse, but yes it going to get gussied up sometime rather soon i hope!

As far as springs go, I have no idea what I'd get to be honest. Is it true that my struts wont last as long with the springs on because of higher stress on them? I need to do my research

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how bad was it since you picked it up as a salvage title
the whole passenger side tire/rim was at a 90* angle to what it normally is.. I had to replace the whole passenger side strut/suspension components along with the whole sub frame that holds the motor n trans in and such. after all that was done we got it running perfectly straight and true and i havent had an issue since so woohoo.. nothing like a cheap car with 9000 miles! i have a picture of the before damage in my glovebox but id have to scan it in order to post it on here.

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'bout time you start this thread Matt!! woo
yea i know :unsure: haha

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started "cleaning" the car with help of a razor blade.. no more sticker on the front windshield! :nuts:

also i removed my interior lights and sold them to a friend.. they looked awesome but i simply never used them so i got my money back out of those :laugh:

new headlights should be on within a week im hoping too

sooo many changes haha

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gen1's.. i cant get my retros sealed up right so i just dont feel like messing with them anymore.. if anyone is up for a project ill let these retros go for cheap. the light output is pretty decent with the 6k bulbs in them

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i just want something i know will work right and be sealed.. so aftermarket projectors it is lol
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