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I have a paintball package for sale.
I'm getting out of the sport and have been for a while.
I have A smart Parts Nerve and a almost complete Smart Parts Shocker all it needs is a board to finish it. Both guns retailed for over 1000 a piece. The Nerve was gently used. The Nerve is capable of shooting over 30 balls per second. The nerve also has a Delrin bolt so it never needs to be lubed and anti paint chop eyes so you'll never break a ball.
I Have a Halo Belt fed hopper. The hopper will feed 20+ balls per second into the gun. It has a custom red pearl shell on it.
I have 2 barrel tips and two barrel backs as well as 3 bore size inserts for the barrels.
I have a JT Mask that retailed 100.
I have a Smart parts Jersey mens XL and Diablo Pants Mens Medium.
I have a 3000k 48 ci. Nitro tank. It needs to be hydro tested but there is no reason it shouldnt pass.
I have various extra shocker parts and an extra gauge.
A Bodybag paintball equipment bag which retailed at over 100.
5or 6 paint pods for paint on the field.
An Extra 12 oz CO2 tank. Which is NOT for use on guns like these.
I am asking $600.00 or best offer. Price is flexible. It has alot of good stuff in it. It was all well maintained and serviced.

PM me if you are interested or to make an offer.

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