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[I'm so old I rebuilt my '64 911 twice in 25 years.]
[My dad said it was no use looking dumb AND acting dumb - and I couldn't help LOOKING dumb]
[He would never allow using the word can't - he said it's either don't know how, or don't really want to]

I have a 2005 4 door nothing. I'd truly appreciate 2 suggestions. The radio works, but the panel light is dead, so I have no clock AND The tranny shifts in and out of 4th - I understand this is a common deal, but is it fixable (I'm an actual mechanic - the car was given to me after a drunk driver hit me on my bicycle at 60 MPH dead on - I'm 1 in 200M to survive, and you can't tell it happened watching me, but I sure can)
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