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Chevrolet Cobalt 2009 1LT, 5MT 82xxx miles
Hi all,

This problem started about a year ago. I've noticed that when I'm coasting at the speed between 25 and 40 miles an hour, there is a strange noise coming from my rear left tire.
I can clearly hear it while going through a sharply curved exit ramp off the highway (no matter which way it's curved). Also, this sound always persist when I'm just cruising through the street with standard 25-30 mph limit.

The noise would get a lot louder every time I have to press on my breaks really hard (like stopping at the traffic light on a 55 mph highway).

Yesterday, I got my rear breaks done. My mechanic installed a set of brand new drum brakes. He also rotated my tires. I've noticed now there is a pedal kick back, vibration, and this dull knocking noise every time I press the breaks.

Also, I cant understand if the noise is still coming from left rear or the front. It's hard to tell.
It is so annoying, I feel like I can't even drive my car anymore!
The car is going back to the shop this week.
I just wanted to know your opinion.

I have to add that all 4 breaks and all 4 tires where replaced within last year.


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also, I need to say that the steering wheel is ok, does not shake while braking. The car does not go to the side or something, always normal straight track. Braking distance is ok as well.
Just a dull humming noise from one of the tires: it goes a lot louder and more noticable when pressing hard on the breaks.
Pedal kick back after drum brakes replacement + wheel rotation.
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