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Well is is finally time for me to make a vehicle show off thread. I have been putting this off for a while now but I have now decided it is time to see what all my fellow yc members have to say about the LT/TC

I bought my car in June 2007 after highschool graduation and starting modding it that week lol. I have almost 29,000 miles on her and she is still running strong (still seems new to me)

I have had so many mods on and off this car but I am slowly starting to keep everything I have on the slobalt as of now.

I have had multiple ss wings, low rise factory wing, vinal graphics on the car, ss/sc dp & catback, injen CAI, 1st gen projectors, oem cf hood w/ hood pins, 18" Enkei rs7's, and 19" motegi ff7's. (those were the old days and I now have a completely new list of mods.)

My biggest thing I have gone through is body kits. I have had the Drifter N2 kit, Zen BC2 kit w/ carbon fiber, silver ss/sc kit, black ss/sc kit, grip tuning kit, and now I am back to a new 2010 ss/tc black kit. I am happy with this one and I should be keeping it for a very long time.

At 18,000 miles last April I turbo'd my car using the garrett alpha kit. 2 weeks before the turbo build I installed an exedy stg 2 clutch and lightweight flywheel. Turbo build took 1 night and the next day we were tuning.

Here is my list of my current mods:

20&30% Tint
SS/TC Body Kit
Invader 2 CF Hood
Xcelerated Concepts Shaved CF Trunk
VHT Night Shaded Tail Lights
Black Bow-Tie
Black Front & Rear Brakes
Antenna Delete
3rd Gen Black Projectors w/ X-Tune 6K HID’s
X-Tune 6K HID Fog Kit
Interior Trim Kit-Blue Lightning
TWM Short Throw Shifter
3 Gauge Pod A Pillar
Cobalt Series Boost Gauge
Innovate LC1 Wideband w/ Blue Face Digital Display
Cobalt Series Oil Psi Gauge
Apexi Turbo Timer
Custom Switch Panel
SS/TC Seats & Door Panels (Black on Black)
SS/TC Center Consol w/ Shift Boot
Cruise Control Conversion
Fog Light LED Turned On
Alpine Head Unit w/ Custom IPod Location
Eclipse Rear 6x9 Speakers
Under The Hood
Garrett Alpha Kit (Atmospheric BOV Conversion)
42 lb Injectors
Trifecta Tune
Greddy Type RS BOV
Custom Oil Catch Can
Ark N2 Grip 2.5” Catback
ZZP 3” DP w/ Gutted High Flow Cat
2.4L Intake Manifold
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
Exedy Lightweight Flywheel
TTR Solid Motor & Transmission Mounts
Eibach Sportlines & Ark GT-F
SS/TC Struts/Shocks
SS/TC Sway Bar
OTTP Street Bar
Poly Bushings
Moog Endlinks
NS Racing 17" Silver Rims w/ Diamondback 235/45/17

I will now let the pictures speak for themselves


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damn! I didn't realise how much you have done! looks sooo good man

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this shiat is sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, much appriciated
Pure sex...hah that my kit on it still in those pixs
No this is the new kit. exactly same as my old kit which is now urs. Once I put the grip kit on and seen it in person on my car I was like omg I just spent 1200 bucks on this ****ing kit lol. So I bought another ss kit. Nick be glad u are within a small group of ppl that have a full ss kit lol

The pic in my sig is from last summer w/ the ss kit u have now
u need a full car picture
Agreed, I will try to take some more pics tmrw. I washed her today and she is already all dusty and dirty like wtf PA roads blow

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I only went once last yr. Best run was a 14 flat w/ 19" rims lol

I raced my buddies ss/sc. Took off the line like a rocket, no wheel hope, full car ahead of him, missed F***ing 2nd. He got ahead of me and won but I still traped faster than him lol. So he is all happy he beat me but if I didnt miss 2nd he had no chance in hell
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