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Im doing the rockers on my 05 Pursuit sedan and along with some rocker rot, found that the fuel filler neck is also on its way out. It doesnt leak and I dont have a CEL but want to get it over with while i have it in the air on jackstands. ("While im in there kinda thing").
Checking rockauto, found that there is two different part numbers for PZEV and non PZEV (Partial zero emissions vehicle). Im assuming that means "CARB" compliance? I'm in Southern Ontario and we dont have that as a thing, but want to make sure before I buy the wrong part.

Its an 05 2.2 SE 4-door model (Fully loaded minus leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, power rear view mirror). If i had to compare it to an equivalent cobalt I'd have to assume either a 1 or 2 LT trim level. It has the pioneer system, just to give some parameters if that even makes a difference. I havent even tried to put the VIN in a decoder, but i would assume that it wouldnt really be able to decode that.

Any way for me to find out or would it be safe to asssume that the car is a non-PZEV. Any and all help is appreciated.
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