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Last time I had my car on the lift for an oil change I noticed the rear shocks have been leaking. Apparently they weren’t completely blown, but were getting there. In the past year I had gotten used to it. But it was noticeable at highway speeds that if I went over a dip the car felt a little unstable. And it would jounce too much also.

Anyways, I have researched the options. And I almost was settled on getting KYBs. I would say most of the shocks available for the rear are in the same price range. But I figured if I was to need to warranty them out for some reason, ordering them online may be troublesome for future warranties. So after contemplating the options I decided I’d get them locally. I usually order parts from O’reilly Auto Parts at work. In fact I used to work for them. But I found that Autozone had the Gabriel brand for only $25.99 each. Which was still cheaper than going to O’reillys and using my account. Reading the reviews, the Gabriels seemed to have better reviews than Monroe. I have used Monroe shocks before on my Lincoln Town Car and my Mercedes. On both cars, I was disappointed because they were too soft. Or at least I was expecting them to firm up the ride.

So tonight I had some extra money to buy the rear pair of shocks. I wasted no time getting them installed. Went to my shop and I would say the shocks were swapped out in about five minutes. That’s doing both sides. Easiest shocks I’ve ever done, and I’ve changed a lot over the years now.

Going for the first drive with them, I could immediately feel the difference going over the speed bumps in our parking lot. Also the noise I would hear is gone as well. I was never completely sure it was the shocks, but I could always hear a muffled rattle over rough pavement, though nothing back there was loose. Getting it up on the highway, it felt way stiffer and in control. No more feeling of body roll. There’s a tight loop that leads to a different direction of freeway and there I noticed the body roll was greatly decreased. So I am happy with the initial installation of these cheap shocks. Just hope they last a few years.

Now I need to buy the front struts. Also in the Gabriel brand, they are $37.99 each which is a hell of a deal. So I may go ahead and get them this week, but really I should wait another couple weeks.

I wonder how well these would take some lowing springs. I know the rear would benefit from a shorter FE5 shock for sure so the springs don’t possibly pop out when lifting the wheels off the ground. Or so I’ve read other people say that was an issue. Although I probably won’t go for a super low drop. Who knows. Also need to either replaced the rear position bushing on the front control arms. Or just get the whole new arm. The bushings are extremely cheap though which is tempting since the ball joints and other bushings are still in good shape.

So the shocks I used were Gabriel Ultra 69587 that Autozone carries. I’ll just have to see how they hold up. I would say I really don’t hear any bad things about that brand. It’s been years since I have bought parts at Autozone though.
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