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Resonator removal= loss of power?

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I recently took my resonator off for deeper sound. Its noticeably deeper around 3000-4000 rpms, but it feels like ive lost some power and also throttle response seems slower.

Anyone else have this problem? Is this even possible to happen?

[0-60 seems slower too.] ???
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I don't really see how that would be possible..
removing the resonator should not cause a loss of power. take the car to the track and see if it's doing the same times as before.
your butt dyno is broken :laugh: j/k
haha ok, obviously this didnt effect anything, thanks guys.

still a n00b, remember.
lol no worries man!

:Locked: because
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What I was joking around...
LMAO I was so focused on finding that pic i forgot to actuall lock the damn thread.. lol
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