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I have a Cobalt LT 09 auto trans that had been stalling randomly and had a few misfires. I get it home to change the spark plugs and coils, the car stalls and then wont star back up again. When I ran the codes; intake cams, exhaust cam sensor, and a misfire. I have replaced the exhaust cam shaft sensor and the intake before. still throwing the P0011 code. Before it would stall it would buck at lights, surge, the traction control would turn on off when I hit the brakes too fast. Today I replaced the cam shaft timing solenoid, coils, plugs, cleaned the throttle body and the Map.

These are the things that have been replaced in the last 6 months:
Timing chains with the full kit
Head gaskets
Water Pump
Serpentine Belt
Exhaust Solenoid
Intake Sensor
Timing Solenoid

When I try to start it, I head the click and the fuel pump. Im at a lose of what it could be. I was looking at other threads and they are suggesting fuel filter (I havent replaced in a while),maybe my battery (havent tested it out), circuits (Im not sure which ones to check). Im about to rip my hair out in frustration. Codes that now popped up is P0420 and still the P0011. Most of the parts that were put on were by mechanics and every time i get it back it seems to run rougher.
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