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Hi everyone. I seem to have the opposite problem that most people have when it comes to steering wheels locking up. I have a 2008. When I remove the key from the ignition, I do not hear the "click" I would expect. The door chimes when it is open as if the key is still in the ignition, though it is not. The steering wheel can still be turned fully, and because of this, the doors will not lock with the button (I can manually lock each door, but I can't use the electric locks to do it).

I have had this problem for almost two years and I am not sure how to resolve it. I will list what I have done to try to solve this issue:

I took the car in to the dealer for the recall on the detent. They replaced the recall part, but no difference.

I have now replaced the ignition switch itself (which I think might have been what the recall part was, oh well)

I have replaced the ignition cylinder housing on the steering column (this is the part that holds the ignition switch on the back, and the key cylinder on the other end)

I have actually rebuilt the key cylinder itself. (I got a different key cylinder and swapped out all parts except the tumblers so that my existing keys will continue to work)

Right now there are no CEL or Airbag lights, I resolved all of those with various sensors swapped out and a new clockspring. Codes on my code reader are satisfied.

I am just baffled. While it will pass emissions for registration, this behavior is just annoying. I would like to be able to use the keyfob to lock doors, and not have the door chime incessantly when the door is open even if the key is removed. And last of all, I miss my satisfying little "click"

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts about this.
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