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I have a supercharged 2.2L cobalt LT, got the kit through zzp but after installing zzp wasn't able to tune my car. Went to a few other reputable tuners and had them all with their heads scratching. The car tunes fine but just doesn't run fine. Every tuner who has looked at the car says it should be working but that they can't figure out why it doesn't and have confirmed it's almost definitely not a mechanical problem.
It's mos prominent (Auto) in 4th gear cruising on the highway if you start to lay into the throttle you get a very violent rapid misfire and the car won't accelerate. Really friggin annoying when I can't get up a hill half the time. I'm daily driving this thing 300km a day for work for about 6 weeks now.
A few of the tuners suspected a maf problem but it was ruled out by the fact that if you force the car to downshift a few times then it runs fine and revs out no problem. It's only at low rpm high load, which is where an auto spends 90% of its time...
Any help is appreciated. Pretty much ready to put this thing back to stock, sell off the parts and scrap it..
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