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BlackBaltSS reminded me that its been awhile. This is for entertainment value only if your entertained by all means let me know, and if your not, thats ok too I'm sure I've got a flame suit around here somewhere, on to the tale...........

Chapter 1 Toyotoa MR2

I'm looking out the window and thinking what a nice ride I had to the city this morning and the little run in with those bikes. I've got a new job in a new city far away from the Texas sun. That sun is shining today and enticing people to go outside for lunch.

Joe pops his head in my lab and sez “Hey lets go to the Dragon for lunch”

“Ok but I’m driving” I tell him as I grab my keys and head towards the car.

Even though the parking lot is full I can still see her shiny red coat catching the sun a few rows away. It’s a nice to see her out and about again after my first miserable Midwestern winter.

"Thats a nice Cavalier, did you customize it yourself?" Joe asks

"Nope, its a Cobalt they sell it this way"


We hop in, open all windows and head out towards the hiway. I didn’t really need to take the hiway but its nice to feel the warmth of spring on an open road no matter how short the ride. I get on the on ramp and accelerate to 70 mph. Joe reaches for the oh sh** handle only to find none, he's looking a little nervous and slightly pale. “N-nice acceleration” he manages to eek out.

I take my exit and we head towards The Oriental Dragon . Along the way I hear the “phhhishhh” of a blow off valve. I check my mirrors and don’t see anything and then I hear the “Phhishhh” again. “Where's that coming from?" I say outloud

“It’s this guy next to us” Joe informs me

I look down and finally notice the T-top roof and the top of some guys head. I really can’t tell what kind of car because its sitting so low. (OK I may be exaggerating a little but that’s what I remember.)

I hear a voice come thru the window. “Nice car, that thing supercharged”
“Yea,…… whatcha riding in?” My inquiring mind wanted to know.
“its my mr2,……. Hey what’s the horsepower on those things?”
“Aww its just 205” I said disappointingly.
We roll up to a stop sign
“that’s pretty good, these are rated at 200hp stock, I bet it would be a pretty even race” he sez with just a hint of evasion.
“probably so, you’re a little lighter so you would edge me out, too bad there’s no track near by” I said with a half laugh
“don’t be to sure, c’mon follow me.”
“you feel like going” I ask Joe
“Sure, that girl with him is hot” Joe just smiles

You know, I should have known that mr2 driver was up to something just by the tone of his voice. Ok I was doing the same thing but that’s not the point, LOL. Plus I didn’t see no girl……….......​
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