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Okay so a few weeks back I got to play with a Launch X431 tool. Of course I ran everything I could on the car. Can someone tell me if Victorious is healthy? Also if there are any red flags in this report.

Start up ITA 43c
Start up ECT 68c
A/F ratio. 14.70:1
Knock retard 0.00 deg
BARO. 96.26 kpa
TP angle. 20%
TP desired. 12%
TP indicated. 13
Warm ups wo emissions f. 3
Wo non-emissions. 3
Map. 0.52v
TP sensor 1&2 12%
A/c high side presser sensor 0.94 v
Ho2 sens 1- 966mv
Ho2 sens 2- 117mv

Generator pwm. 0%
Fuel tank pressure. 1.43 v
Fuel level sensor. 1.75 v
Fuel trim cell. 37
Short ft. 0%
Long ft. -13%
S ft 2- -100%
L ft 2- -100%

Torque request. 13%
Torque delivered. 100%

CKP active. 182 counts
CMP counter 227 counts
CMP sensor. 235 rpm
Evap purge command. 0%
Injectors 1&2 command 0ms
Twc temp 615c
Misfire hist.cylinder.1- 3
MAF 0.00 g/s
Flue trim learn- enabled
Tcc/cruise brKe ped- released
Sol 1-2 - on
Sol 2-3- off
Cruise - disabled. (Maybe the cause no cruise control?)
No evap fault history
Cruise switch, set,coast,resume- off
Vid fuel disable - inactive
Vid password - ok
VID auto learn timer- inactive
PCM/VCM in.VDT fail E- no
MIL- off

MIL commAnd- on
Starter relay command- on
FC relay 1 commNd - on
FC relY 2 and S/P comm- off
Fans high Speed - off
Tr switches P,A,B,C - low
Command starter.disabled
TCC brKe switch- closed
Traction control- inactive
Transmission HoT mode- off
PCM reset- no
Loop status- open
Twc protect- inactive

Decel fuel mode- inactive
Power enrichment- inactive
Cylinder 6 injectorr cir- ok
Cruise disengaged history 1-8 "pedal > cruise"

Phew! Thats a lot.of thumb typing!

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