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Been having this issue for the past two months, I’ve looked over about everything. I’ve never had the issue last year and letting my car warm up for 10 minutes before work, but this year it’s been skyrocketing my gas mileage, even highway driving is terrible. Went on a 4 hour long drive on the 401, worked great, the best I got for gas mileage was 9.9L per 100kms, which I could live with but as soon as I go to warm my car up on monday, it starts slowly getting worse and currently sitting at 17.5L per 100kms, and today is Thursday. That’s 4 days of warming my car up and it goes up that much. I’ve checked for leaks, both o2 sensors are new, I have a full zzp exhaust and had a bung extension on it, for testing purposes I took it off. Before I did I was getting a p013A, after taking the bung off it disappeared, then I’ll occasionally get a p0420, which ik is because it’s seeing more gases than it should. And to add to it, I can disconnect my maf and the car runs great, plugged in it has a slight stumble hitting the gas at idle. Tried a new maf and it didn’t work. Really running out of ideas. New pcm? That’s about all I got at this point. Thank you in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated


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