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Name: Alex Robbins
Age: 21
Car: 2005 Cobalt Base 2.2

What made you buy your cobalt?
I needed a car and was on a budget. This car had everything I was looking for.

What are some of the reactions you get from people because you drive a cobalt?
I get them all. I get people who love it and then the ones who hate on it. But I would say I get more positive comments on how it looks than anything else.

When did you buy your cobalt?
December 27, 2011

What is your favorite thing about your car?

What is your least favorite thing about your car? And if you could change it, what would you do to make it better?
My least favorite thing is that it doesn’t have sunroof or a 5 speed manual. If I could change it, I would convert it to a 5 speed manual.

What are some of your hobbies?
Working on my Cobalt, going to car meets, listening to music, photography

What was the most beneficial modification you did to your car?
Upgrading the sound system

What inspired you to do the modifications you did?
At first it was just upgrading my sound system since the factory speakers were all blown when I bought it. From there I just did some small things and it slowly became an addiction. I’m always checking YC for new ideas and inspiration.

Do you race your cobalt? (Obviously not talking about on the streets)
Not currently, but maybe sometime in the future

How does it perform?
It’s always performed excellent. I’ve never really had any major problem with it.

Do you have any future plans for your cobalt? If so, what?
Yes, I do have plans for my cobalt. I’m planning on doing a full exhaust system, 2.4 TB and intake manifold, putting 17’s or 18’s on, installing a sub, and boosting it. I haven’t decided which way I want to go with boost yet though, whether to turbo or supercharge.

Is your car a daily driver (DD) or a garage/weekend queen?
It’s my daily driver

Where did you get all the knowledge for the modifications you have for your cobalt?
Most, if not all, from YC

If you had one thing to tell all potential or future buyers of cobalts, what would you tell them?
Get one. It’s a great car. Very safe and reliable and it’ll take care of you.

Would you buy another as a replacement if something were to happen to yours or even for a second car? If so, why?
Yes, most definitely. They’re a fun little car that’s safe, solid, and reliable. To me, they stick in the car scene which makes them unique. When I go to car meets, I’m usually the only Cobalt there.

-SS Front Bumper
-5000k HIDs (Fog Lights) (DDM Tuning)
-Black Billet Grilles (Upper and Lower)
-Black Front Bowtie
-Black Trunk Bowtie
-30% Front Window Tint
-20% Rear Window Tint
-MPx Shorty Antenna
-Black Cat Customs Euro Gauges
-Blue LED Gauge Lighting
-Blue LED Foot Lighting
-Blue LED HVAC Unit
-SS/SC Seats (Reupholstered)
-LED Reverse Lights
-LED Plate Light
-LED Dome Light
-Pioneer FH-X700BT
-6.5" Polk DB651
-6x9 Kicker DS693
-FE5 Struts
-FE5 Shocks
-SSC Lowering Springs
-Moog Swaybar End Links
-15" DXR Performance Rims

We Will Have 1 More showcase this week for a dual feature as last week was missed!
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