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Name - Robby
Age - 27
Car - 2006 Cobalt LS

What made you buy your cobalt? I had a cavalier that was totaled and I really loved it. I like the look of the Cobalts, and they are as reliable as the cavaliers. I pretty much knew that I was going to buy a Cobalt, I just didn't know which one. Orange wasn't my first choice of color, and especially the ugly decal that was on it but for the mileage on it and what I paid for it, I couldn't say no.

What are some of the reactions you get from people because you drive a cobalt? My favorite reaction is when people ask what kind of car it is. (I would like to think that is because its so sharp looking and they don't expect a cobalt to look so good)

When did you buy your cobalt?
March 2013

What is your favorite thing about your car?
Making it look very good is relatively easy.

What is your least favorite thing about your car? And if you could change it, what would you do to make it better? It's an automatic, unfortunately I'm kind of stuck with that.

What are some of your hobbies?
Fishing, bodybuilding, snowboarding, video games, hunting

What was the most beneficial modification you did to your car? The wheels, it was also the most expensive lol.

What inspired you to do the modifications you did? I want to make it my own. Put my own spin on it and the website here has a lot of great ideas.

Do you race your cobalt? (Obviously not talking about on the streets)
No lol.

How does it perform? It does very well for me. I put about 70 miles/day on it for work and I get a fair share of windy mountain roads and highways. I love driving it.

Do you have any future plans for your cobalt?
If so, what? (Not in any specific order) Double Din Head Unit, new speakers all around, Fe5 suspension with lowering springs (looking for about a 2" drop), painting drum covers and calipers, HID retrofit headlights, exhaust (probably just a catback), painting the dash trim.

Is your car a daily driver (DD) or a garage/weekend queen? daily driver

Where did you get all the knowledge for the modifications you have for your cobalt? This website, it has been an awesome resource for all that I've done and look to do.

If you had one thing to tell all potential or future buyers of cobalts, what would you tell them? It will last forever if you take care of it. Make it your own and you will love it!

Would you buy another as a replacement if something were to happen to yours or even for a second car? If so, why? If something happened, god forbid, I would have to buy another one. And it would be black and standard.

Injen CAI, 17" Konig Feathers w/ General GMAX tires, tinted tail lights, painted headlights, debadged and side trim removed. (Also removed the factory decal)

Thanks Robby for being an active member and taking the time to answer our questions and honoring us with a picture of your nice ride! Good luck to you in the future and we wish you the best of luck with modding!

~YC Staff!

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Seriously great looking car, Robby! I've always had a soft spot for that color. Thanks for telling us about yourself!

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Thank you (I have been looking for this thread lol). I have some updated pictures in my garage.

The color wouldn't have been my first choice but man has it grown on me. After a wash and wax it really has a life of its own.
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