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Throwing codes

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Ok some codes popped up on my car so I replaced a lot of sensors and when I rest everything after a small drive the codes popped back up and I had some more codes. So I’m asking for help. Please if anyone knows. Cause right now the car runs but it’s lacking power. I’m also gonna put a new throttle body on it today.
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I would first start with the grounds. Search the forum for ground location images.
Next, clean the connectors to the ECM and TCM by removing and reconnecting each connector several times followed by a good coating of dielectric grease on the final connection.
Then after a clear reset, see if the error codes are still there or if they returned.

please share where the 2008 car has spent most of its life.
I bought the car from my son in laws mom about 2 years ago and she bought it in North Carolina from some small car dealer. The car has ran fine and I’ve been updating everything on it. I appreciate the feed back and I will do that today as soon as I’m off work.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts