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I'll post all relevant information leading up to what I think was my tranny essentially blowing up. It's a 2006 2.2 LT automatic, no modifications to the engine.

For the past few years when it got extremely cold the car would start (-20 Celcius), it would go into limp mode. Eventually it started stalling when I got to lights, it wouldn't idle it would just slowly die and turn off, sometimes I could turn it back on and sometimes I would have to disconnect the battery to reset the computer. Eventually the car/ecm wouldn't start no matter what, I bought a new ECM and it seemed to fix that problem. The idle seemed weak sometimes, wouldn't stay consistent and would drop when parked and eventually would come back up and act normally.

Past couple of months the car was having trouble starting (battery wasn't the problem), sometimes it would start just fine and sometimes it would take 2-4 seconds of the starter motor just spinning to actually fire (like it had no gas or something). When the car broke down I turned the key to see if the Fuel Pump would prime.

As for when the car actually broke down: I was driving up a hill and noticed it had no power, looked down and it was at 6k RPM (not completely redlining) going 60kph and it wasn't gearing up/down, I put my foot off the accelerator and it eventually geared properly and I was able to keep going (ended up getting up to 100kph). Drove around for another 20km's and I ended up back at the same hill (I was delivering so I drive around the same spots), coincidentally at the same area I was going up the hill again and this time I heard a loud clunk from under the car and had no power a couple seconds later it turned off and went into limp mode and I was able to coast to a better part of the road to pull over. Can't remember the coolant temp at the exact time, but it seemed to be overheated a little bit. Eventually like 30 minutes later after calling someone to pick me up and a tow truck we backed up the car and there was transmission fluid all over the ground leading me to believe the tranny blew up or something.

I tried restarting the car 10 minutes after it died but it just turns over and over, no fire. I was able to get it to start once but it immediately turned back off, like immediate. I stopped trying to start it because it was just draining the battery.

I have the car in front of my house right now, but I don't plan on wasting more money bringing it into a mechanic to see what the problem(s) are. At this point it isn't worth it to spend even $150 to get it checked, it's just a money sink at this point. But I made this post to see if there is anything I can check to confirm my problem or if anyone has had similar problems. I'm leaning to selling the tires since there under a year old and either selling it for parts or scrapping it.
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