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Quaker Steak & Lube in Fredericksburg
1300 Central Park Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Our last meet on 4/23/11 had approx 175 cars come out!

Facebook Event

Quaker Steak & Lube has great food and is open til 2am! Come to the meet and get some great food/drinks while your there! Mention you are with VA Rides and get 15% off your order!!

Directions - Take I95 to exit 130 towards Culpeper. Turn right into central park. Turn left at the light by Target. Follow the road straight to the next light. Go through the light and your right there!

Located in Central Park, right by I-95, this location is perfect with many gas stations and shops right around the area.


NO speeding through the lot.
NO burnouts
NO donuts
NO excessive noise (revving motors, loud music, etc)
NO drugs
NO alcohol
NO weapons
NO fighting

Remember if we want this meet to last, we need to be smart. So follow the rules. Throw away trash in a trash can and not in the lot. Don’t drive crazy leaving the lot, so it doesn’t reflect poorly on us. We want as many cars as possible, but we don’t need one or a small group of people ruining it for everyone else. There will be security on the lot. One or more policy officers may come by to check things out, but no one has to worry as long as we are behaving. If you do anything stupid, you can expect repercussions. And if someone is doing anything stupid, by all means tell them to stop. Don’t be a jerk, but just tell them to really think about if they want to ruin it for everyone. Also, VA Rides does not condone street racing so please do not attempt to set up races at the meet and DON'T post about meeting up to race at the meet. This is stupid and cops check facebook and see things like this. This makes the meet look very bad.

Come out and enjoy yourselves! Everyone is welcome! We had several at our last meet and we'd definitely love to have some more cobalts come aout and join us!

*At the meets, please lock your doors and roll up your windows. VA Rides and Quaker Steak and Lube are not liable for anything at the Meets*
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