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As some of you know, I recently had my Cobalt ran into. I sustained enough damage to where I believe it will be considered totaled when the adjuster comes to look at it next week.

To prepare myself for what they may value the car at, I've looked at some sites and read some articles on it. I looked up KBB($2400 trade in, good cond), NADA and Edmunds. KBB and NADA were pretty close to the value when I put in all the information. Edmunds was about $500 or so less.

I would like to know if any of you know what value I should put on the car, or what I should counter if he gives me a lower price than I want, OR what you think he may offer. I had over 220k miles on it, so I'm going to be realistic and not expect much (even though it ran perfectly), but I'll put in some info and let me know what you think? The insurance company is GEICO, and up to now, I haven't been very happy with how they're handling my case. They are the at-fault party's company.

My car:

-220k Miles

-2005 LS Coupe 2.2 Automatic

-Premium sound with manufactures 10" sub, aftermarket Pioneer Stereo

-Minor wear and tear inside (a few stains, etc), I removed the middle console because I rested on it one day and it broke.

-A couple small "dimples" on the driver door, with minor scratches and imperfections in paint.

-Aluminum 15" wheels (two tires have decent tread still)

-Power locks, windows, mirrors (no longer have keyless entry remote)

-Satellite radio equipped, but wasn't set up on aftermarket stereo

* I guess that's it, any help is appreciated. If I don't but another Cobalt . . . Do I have to leave the forum, or am I grandfathered in?? LOL :)*

Thanks Again . . . sorry for the lengthy post . .

Joseph N
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