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I hit some ice in my 08 LT 2.2 back on 2012, wrecked the radiator and a tire.
Of course it ended up being more than that...
I went through the usual, tire rotations to try and isolate it. Finally said screw it, bought new rims did my front brakes and my left LCA because the bushing was toast. Vibration still there. Lived with it for a few years, because I was a broke mechanic trying to earn a living on Flat Rate. 3/10 don't recommend.

Found a decent job doing IT after playing HD then marine mech. Finally had some money, and more importantly: my tools at home. Did Sway-bar end links/bushings, struts, shocks, Inner/outer Tie rods, both control arms. New tires and align....
Obviously everything tightened up, but I still felt the vibration. So the following month I did front brakes/hubs and axles. And low and behold, car finally stopped shaking.

After a few months it has come back, but I feel like the problem is different. When it starts to shake, (usually at the bottom of a gear, but not always) if I let out of the throttle it lessens. It also developed an odd clunk sound when going from R to D or vice versa, sometimes from park to in gear, but not always. Sounds similar to a CV axle finally seating into the trans. I am not against ripping it back apart, but I am curious whether I bought bad parts (one of the axles is my guess) or my tranny is taking a dump. I do need to do a service on it. I am at 140k miles. I'm also wondering if my subframe is crap, and it is causing the car to eat parts.
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