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The first Western Canadian Cobalt Meet was held in Drumhellar, Alberta, Canada July 2008. The first meet was a huge success and had over 60 participants and was decided to then become a yearly event that could be held in different locations in Western Canada.

Last year, the Western Canadian Cobalt Meet had close to the same numbers of people, was held at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta. Although, because of Tornado warnings we were not able to camp the weekend at the raceway but was still a great success featuring a weekend at the track, monster truck rally & event awards.

This year the Western Canadian Cobalt Meet will be held at Mission Raceway Park in Mission, British Columbia, Canada on the weekend of July 2nd - July 4th. Rod's long awaited rear-wheel converted Chevrolet Cobalt will be unveiled at this event where he will show the true power of his car and making Chevrolet Cobalt History!

Mission Raceway Approved! Pending regarding overall cost. View details below as to the status.

Meet will be held on July 2nd - July 4th, 2010 at Mission Raceway Park.

Fees/Cost (Finalized!):

The rate chart is as follows:

Full Weekend = FNSL + CMPNG + GUEST = $78.75*
Driver Only = FNSL + CMPNG = $68.25*
Camp Only = CMPNG = $31.50*
Extra Guests = GUEST = $10.50*
FNSL Only (nothing else) = Register at the track day of or $36.75 in advance
Weekend spectating is only included with Camping at the track.

On-site dyno = $TBD

FNSL = Friday Night Street Legals
CMPNG = Camping all weekend Friday - Sunday (Includes spectating for the weekend for FNSL & Bracket Racing full weekend) for car & driver.
GUEST = Guest (Includes camping with driver's vehicle & spectator all weekend for FNSL & Bracket Racing full weekend)

Welcome to Western Canadian Cobalt Meet 2010 Official Website!
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