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What do I need before I get my turbo on my Chevy Cobalt

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So my final goal for my 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT 2.2l is to get a ZZP 2.2 Turbo Kit with tune installed and tuned by them. This is my first build car but atm my car is bone stock. Overall but especially the past couple years has had pretty great maintenance. What should I do to this car to truly prep the car for the turbo. The only thing I have but haven't had installed are my new wheels, new tires, new brake calipers, new brake pads, and new drum breaks for the rear.
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you re gonna need new connecting rods because the current ones wont be able to handle anything past 250 HP. thats about $400 for those. there are a few more things but thats what i got atm.
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