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Sup Ep crew and all others who are lurkin' just got word a few days ago that one of the new guys I found is getting ready to do a photo shoot over at white sands later this month. I passed on some of the info to andy (hersheySS) and soon as I get some more I will pass it off on here as well.

Let me know who all would be down to do this as it would be pretty epic for a first meet with andy as the new pres and would give the EP crew some face time as well.

[glow=red,2,300]Update for time and date on last post and here[/glow]

Date 27 Nov 11...the sunday after thanksgiving..
Time 10am Link up is at cohen stadium on the east side of el paso off of 54 northbound.
Once we have all linked up, we will head out to white sands VIA transmountian Rd (TX 375) to I-10 West to I-25 North to white sands Nat'l park.
I have a thread in the events is the link..event link

So here is the shimmy on white sands from when I went up there. pardon if this starts to sound like a military operations order.
Cost is three dollars ($3) per person to get in and they close around 7PM or sunset.
the road is paved to a certain point going up to the dunes, but the road is not to bad once the pavement ends. just a lot of bumps and avoidable ruts in the road.
The Gift shop has water and other snacks that are locally produced along with other trinkets. Nothing is over priced to much and they will also give you cash back for the entrance fee if needed.....try out he prickle pear juice, damn good!
There are picnic areas around where the shoot will go down if you bring your own grub and it's a good wind block as well if it starts to get to windy.
They have bathrooms dotted around the area and also at the main entrance.

If there are any questions or comments / idea what to do after the shoot....I'm thinking high desert or el sombrero's for a grub out afterward let me know here is my contact drunk dials lol
Cell # 915-244-5662
Wk # 915-741-4711 - ask for Staff Sargent Huddleston
Email [email protected] or you can PM me on here. white sands website

here is a map of the area where we will be linking up at.
cohen stadium el paso tx - Google Maps

List O' names of guys that will be attending the meet, just so I can get an idea of how many we will have out there and see if we can't get an discount for entrance fees orin the gift shop / snack bar area.
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