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I bought my ‘06 Cobalt sedan about a year ago now with many worn out parts due to the previous two neglectful owners. One item being the windshield. It was cracked, right in front on the driver position. Also, evidently the guy I bought it from never washed the car or replaced the wiper blades. So the windshield was extremely scratched up making it annoying and dangerous to drive when light hit it at certain angles. Especially at night. And crazy enough, it still passed state inspection. Another thing was that in high humidity, like at night, the moisture wouldn’t dissipate and made it hard to see sometimes. Even when using heat and defrost. It also would become dirty easily and I was always having to get my glass cleaner out and hand clean the glass.

Anyway, I have had enough of that and finally got the windshield replaced over the weekend. It took the guys all of 20 minutes to get it done as I watched them work. It’s been a long time since I’ve installed a windshield so I’d rather just let the pros do the work. The last ones I’ve done were not this easy and had to have the seals popped into them. The one on the Cobalt is held in place with urethane adhesive.

So I am very happy to finally get the new windshield installed and wish I had done it when I first bought the car. Night time driving is now much better as I can see farther ahead.

The glass I got is a Chinese brand called XYG. Apparently they are very popular for aftermarket glass. I would have had to special order the OEM glass, that is if its even available. I’m sure it is somewhere. I paid $175 for the whole job. If going for the OEM glass, I would have spent $300+ on just glass. Other companies I called wanted in excess of $300 for the job and I happened to know that they all were getting the glass at the exact same warehouse. I met the guys I had install my glass at the warehouse where they purchase glass from locally. In fact there were several other glass companies picking up glass when I got there. So it does pay to shop around for the best deal. Considering they let me watch them work I would say they did a good job.

I have read about Chinese glass manufacturers making the glass thinner than the original. Which in the case of a windshield can be a problem because it is part of the support structure for the roof in the event of a roll over. That would be my only concern I suppose. That and that I’ve seen replacement glass have distortion. Mine does not. But I have driven several cars with distorted windshield glass and it was awful to drive like that. Almost like wearing glasses when you don’t need them.

Have any of you had your windshield replaced? And what kind of glass did they replace it with? I hope this holds up and doesn’t chip easily. But for what I paid I’m initially pretty happy.
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